Intel vPro

Platform IT Confessions Campaign

Year: 2020
Role Art Direction
Intel vPro tasked us to create 4 unique spots, both in style and tone. They trusted us to bring these IT tech nightmares to life.

Executive Creative Director, Partner: Brien Holman
Managing Director, Partner: Jennifer Lucero
Creative Director: Chad Howitt
Art Director: Heather Lynn-Aquino
Executive Producer: Rhys Demery
Head of Production: Eric Zapakin
Producer: Liz Lipka
Designer: Eleena Bakrie, Michelle Kwon, Aaron Fisher, Matty Deans, Yoyo Wang
Senior Animator / Character Supervisor: Pat Clarke
Senior Animator / Lead Animator: Dylan Casano
Animator: Aaron Fisher, Matty Deans, Jamal Ademola Otolorin, Joe Marcy, Blake Patrick, Hieu Vu
Compositor: Hieu Vu, Matty Deans
Editor: Isaac Ruth


Art Direction


Art Direction l  Design  

Germany: Manageability

Design l Art Direction


Art Direction